The 10 Best North Carolina Gifts for All Occasions

The North Carolina Gift Guide for All Occasions
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If you have a friend or family member who’s from North Carolina and homesick for a return trip through the area, these gifts will help you. This mix of things you can wear, read, drink with, or just smell, will take care of all occasions. These North Carolina gifts make great birthday, Christmas, or “just because” presents. 

The 10 Best North Carolina Gifts

for All Occasions

North Carolina Ideas for Christmas Gift Baskets

We’re big fans of Amazon for sending gifts to friends, so the items and their images are sourced from there. We tried very hard to ensure all items are produced in the USA, with a couple of them even made in North Carolina. We hope there’s something here for you that you can use to spread cheer to as many people in your friends and family circle as possible.


North Carolina Womens Tshirt
For Women

Homeland Tees is owned and operated in North Carolina and their comfortably fitting Poly/Cotton shirts are made in the USA. T-shirts are great gifts to give and these are the most stylish and comfortable. Multiple sizes and colors available for Men and Women.

North Carolina Mens Tshirt
For Men

Find the right fit and check the best prices for North Carolina T-Shirts.


North Carolina Gifts Coasters

These North Carolina-themed Coasterstone coasters (set of 4) are produced with absorbent stone and a cork backed to protect furniture. They’ll absorb sweating or spilled drinks without making a mess. 

Coaster stands are also available through a separate purchase.

Wine Glass

North Carolina Wine Glass

These engraved wine glasses (4) are produced with high-quality USA-made glass that’s dishwasher safe. The glass measures at 4 ¼” height x 3 ¼” diameter and holds up to 15 ounces. Perfect for a nice night of red or white wine. 

Find the best prices for NC-themed wine glasses.

Canvas Flag

North Carolina Canvas Flag

This handcrafted canvas print North Carolina flag is produced and hand-stretched in California. Semi-Gloss Acrylic Coating applied to waterproof the surface and enhance texture. You can buy this flag at 24″x16″, 24″x16″ Framed, 30″x20″, and 36″x24″ sizes.

Check out the best prices on North Carolina flags.

Pint Glass

North Carolina Pint Glass

This 16 Ounce North Carolina Pint Glass is perfect for your beer enthusiast friends who love North Carolina. It’ll make the perfect match for when they bring home North Carolina beer and need the right container to sip it from. The glass is made in the US, laser-engraved, and dishwasher-friendly!

Search for the best prices on North Carolina-themed beer glasses.

North Carolina Refrigerator Magnets

North Carolina Fridge Magnet Set

This six-piece fridge magnet set includes a Jumbo Map, Premium Map, Small Map, InfoMap, State Montage, and a State Quarter North Carolina refrigerator magnet. They are produced with flexible molded rubber and made in the USA.

Look for the best prices on North Carolina refrigerator magnets?

Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board

North Carolina Cutting Board

This North Carolina-shaped cutting and serving board measures 18.5″ x 8″ and comes in its natural color. It’s lightweight, durable, nonporous, knife-friendly, and temperature-resistant up to 350 degrees F/175 C.

Cut through the best prices on North Carolina cutting and serving boards!

Our State Magazine Gift Subscription

Our State Magazine Subscription

Our State is the statewide magazine that anyone from North Carolina will recognize when they receive it in the mail. Buy a gift subscription for your friend or loved one and the first print issue should arrive in 6–10 weeks. Before it renews, you will receive a reminder notice stating the term and rate then in effect.  

Find the best prices on North Carolina magazines.

Coffee Mug

North Carolina Coffee Mug

This North Carolina coffee mug is a gift that they’ll see every morning during that first cup of joe. It’s an 11-ounce ceramic mug is dishwasher- and microwave- safe. The mug will come shipped in a custom-made styrofoam package to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Wake up the best-priced NC-themed coffee mugs.

Scented Candle

North Carolina Scented Candle

When you just need to smell North Carolina, this hand-poured scented candle will do the trick. Its scent is a mix of blackberries, peaches, and more smells that will take you back to the Tar Heel State. Its all-natural soy wax can burn between 60–80 hours. 

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Our Thoughts and Yours, Too!

We hope you find exactly what you need for your Carolina friend or family member. Heck, even for yourself. Also, we’ll be creating more guides to North Carolina-themed gifts for you in the future, and would love to hear from you! What NC-themed products do you want to see more of? You can let us know in the comments section and we’ll be happy to respond!

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